PBPBOX Photo Booth Props Christmas Decoration 62 Piece

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Want to liven up a birthday party, or any occasion where group photos will be taken? Just bring out this huge grab-bag of novelty props and have everyone choose a silly accessory or two, then let them mug for the camera. Christmas, family reunions, parties and get-togethers of all kinds will be more fun and memorable with this novelty kit. There are 62 novelty props in total and each one is different - In addition to the disguise and clothing props for holding in front of your face, there are other party images for use with or without the dowel handles: gift boxes, hats, lips, mustaches, snow man, tree, candles, etc. - The prop images are printed on durable card stock, and are sized to suit either children or adults. The handles are lightweight and flexible bamboo. - So whether it's for a child's party, or an opportunity to bring out the inner child in a group of adults, this kit is sure to add to the fun! - To enjoy the fun time with PBPBOX together . Note: Photo props are sent separate from the bamboo stick, you need to stick them onto the bamboo using our glues provided.

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